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Popping Candy Tasting Pack

When it comes to our tonuge tingling popping candy, it's hard to commit to one flavor, until you've tried them all. That's why you can grab a taster pack. 


We recommend pairing his sweet with with one of our fizzy drinks, it really brings out the snap, and crackles of the candy. 


7 Mixed Flavours of Striking Popping Candy, 21 sachets in total.

-3 sachets of bluberry flavour

-3 sachets of watermelon flavour

-3 sachets of cola flavour

-3 sachets of apple flavour

-3 sachets of strawberry flavour

-3 sachets of milk tea flavour

-3 sachets of electric shock with vitamin c flavour

Ingredient please see each individul product's description on our website 

Popping Candy Tasting Pack

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